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Events with tag “C-Suite executives”

Jan, 20 2:00 PM CET
Main Stage

Partnering with Consumers, Stakeholders and Solutions Providers in the Utility Sector to Tackle Climate Change

Join our keynote interview with Mr. Ralph Izzo.

Ralph Izzo Chairman, President & CEO at PSEG
Jan, 21 5:00 PM CET
Main Stage
Panel Discussion

Energy Efficiency as the “Fifth Fuel” to Achieve a Sustainable Energy Future

  • How energy efficiency can unlock the full potential of renewable energy sources and extend their benefits

  • Energy efficiency and economic stimulus: How energy efficiency can boost jobs and economic growth around the world

  • Government vs market-stimulated energy efficiency: How the right policy signals can encourage the private sector to scale up energy efficiency

  • What technologies are currently being implemented to improve energy efficiency across industries.

Dorethe Nielsen Vice President of Corporate Environmental Strategy, Novo Nordisk
Duane Dickson Vice Chairman; US Oil, Gas & Chemicals Leader; Global Energy, Resources, & Industrials Consulting Leader, Deloitte
Edan Dionne VP at IBM
Lance Jordan Senior Vice President at Cubico Sustainable Investments