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Events with tag “AI and ML”

Jan, 20 4:30 PM CET
Technology Stage

The Planet Doesn't Care About Your PR: Scaling Sustainable Supply Chains

The global supply chain accounts for an incredibly high percentage (~30%) of green house gasses and PR just isn't going to solve that.

Join this session to learn about what the highest performing shippers are doing to green their supply chains and what the role of finance and ESG investing is in accelerating the mass adoption of sustainable practices.

Marc Held CEO at Lockstep AI (Sustainable supply chain finance)
Jan, 21 8:00 AM CET
Main Stage
Panel Discussion

How Machine Learning and AI Can Boost Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

  • How AI and ML are tackling the energy efficiency problems of the traditional energy sector

  • What types of AI and ML technologies are currently in use by leading energy companies, together with success stories in AI and ML applications.

  • How AI can assist in improving forecasting, accessibility, and efficiency of renewable energy technology

Manas Pathak Global AI Lead, Energy at Intel
Philippe Vié Head of Energy, Utilities and Chemicals, Capgemini
Deepika Sandeep AI leader at Honeywell
Zia Zaman Board Member at Energy Market Authority (EMA), Sustainability Advisor & Investor