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Marc HeldMarc Held

CEO at Lockstep AI (Sustainable supply chain finance)

Marc is a serial entrepreneur, specializing in applying advanced artificial intelligence and IoT to the supply chain industry. Currently he is the CEO of Lockstep AI (, which incentivizes good supply chain behavior by providing low-cost supply chain financing for businesses who make sustainable inventory and transportation decisions. Powered by end-to-end financial and physical visibility + advanced analytics, Lockstep-backed companies can get paid at any point of a shipment's lifecycle and have the confidence to deliver product sustainably.

Prior to Lockstep, he has started, funded, and sold multiple companies – creating real value for Fortune 500 customers, investors, and his acquirers. Most recently, his company ODYN (inventory optimization platform for large CPG companies) was acquired by Turvo and his company before that (Weft, maritime intelligence platform – funded by a16z, social + capital, SV Angel, and other tier-1 VCs) was acquired by DMGT-owned Genscape. Prior to his experience in supply chain, Marc was also a product development consultant, specializing in mobile applications and content consumption, and had done early work in the smart personal assistant space. In his spare time, Marc is on the eternal path to have a net-zero impact on the planet and is constantly hunting for the perfect vegan ice cream.

Takes part in

Jan, 20 4:30 PM CET
Technology Stage

The Planet Doesn't Care About Your PR: Scaling Sustainable Supply Chains

The global supply chain accounts for an incredibly high percentage (~30%) of green house gasses and PR just isn't going to solve that.

Join this session to learn about what the highest performing shippers are doing to green their supply chains and what the role of finance and ESG investing is in accelerating the mass adoption of sustainable practices.

Marc Held CEO at Lockstep AI (Sustainable supply chain finance)