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Panel Discussion

How Machine Learning and AI Can Boost Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

January 21, 2021 8:00 AM CET REGISTER

As concerns over the environmental impact of energy production and consumption grow, global energy companies are actively seeking innovative approaches to reducing their environmental impact. Leaders in both renewable and traditional energy industries are now integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in multiple areas to achieve more sustainable energy consumption and improve the accuracy of renewable energy forecasting, energy efficiency and accessibility.

During this panel, top industry speakers will explore how ML and AI technologies are helping the energy sector chart its sustainable future course. Among other topics, they will discuss:

Manas Pathak Global AI Lead, Energy at Intel
Philippe Vié Head of Energy, Utilities and Chemicals, Capgemini
Deepika Sandeep AI leader at Honeywell
Zia Zaman Board Member at Energy Market Authority (EMA), Sustainability Advisor & Investor