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Events with tag “Climate change”

Jan, 19 5:00 PM CET
Main Stage
Panel Discussion

Combating Climate Change as an Integral Aspect of Energy Demand, Production and Transmission

  • How global energy corporations are going about combating climate change

  • On the way to renewables: How the world's leading corporations are making their way to a more sustainable future

  • Commercial and financial underpinnings of the global transition to renewables

  • European vs American approaches to tackling climate change: Is switching to renewables more efficient than investing in lower-emission energy technologies?

Stephen Harper Global Director, Environment and Energy Policy, Intel
Andrew Griffiths Head of Value Chain Sustainability at Nestlé UK
Alec Saltikoff Executive Director, Global Head of Sustainability and Energy at JPMorgan Chase
Mayank Bansal President, Strategy & Business Development at ReNew Power
Jan, 20 10:30 AM CET
Main Stage

The Revolution Will Be Energised - Does the UK's Approach to Renewables and Decarbonisation Offer a Blueprint?

In the last few years the UK's energy system has undergone a rapid transformation and our world-leading wind sector will shortly be powering homes up and down the country. As nations look to meet the dual challenges of reducing emissions and economic recovery, and with the UK hosting COP26, this session will explore what experience the UK has to offer in the global race to net zero.

Rebecca Williams Director of Policy and Regulation at RenewableUK