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Dorethe NielsenDorethe Nielsen

Vice President of Corporate Environmental Strategy, Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk

Dorethe is Vice President of Corporate Environmental Strategy and overall responsible for Novo Nordisk environmental footprint. She leads Novo Nordisk new ambition of zero environmental impact “Circular for Zero” that she developed and got approved in 2018.

Dorethe joined the Novo Group in 2000 and has held several managerial positions within the company, including a 3 year assignment in Shanghai, China. In 2013 she returned to Denmark as head of EHS for Novo Nordisk Production sites. Later she moved to a corporate function with the task to develop Novo Nordisk new environmental strategy.
Dorethe has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. She is a graduate of the Harvard Business School of Global Strategic Management and the CISL’s Business and Sustainability Program in Cambridge.

Takes part in

Jan, 21 5:00 PM CET
Main Stage
Panel Discussion

Energy Efficiency as the “Fifth Fuel” to Achieve a Sustainable Energy Future

  • How energy efficiency can unlock the full potential of renewable energy sources and extend their benefits

  • Energy efficiency and economic stimulus: How energy efficiency can boost jobs and economic growth around the world

  • Government vs market-stimulated energy efficiency: How the right policy signals can encourage the private sector to scale up energy efficiency

  • What technologies are currently being implemented to improve energy efficiency across industries.

Dorethe Nielsen Vice President of Corporate Environmental Strategy, Novo Nordisk
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