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Panel Discussion

Energy Efficiency as the “Fifth Fuel” to Achieve a Sustainable Energy Future

January 21, 2021 5:00 PM CET REGISTER

Today, concerns over pollution and climate change are forcing global businesses and governments to think hard about how they produce and use energy. In order to address the current climate crisis and reduce carbon footprints, greenhouse gas emissions have to be significantly reduced. Energy efficiency, sometimes called the “fifth fuel,” can be the quickest and cheapest way of achieving energy security and addressing environmental and economic challenges.

In this session, top global executives will discuss how following an energy efficiency pathway can reduce carbon footprints and provide a major opportunity for driving the world towards an ambitious, cost-effective transition to a climate-neutral economy. Our speakers are going to talk about:

  • How energy efficiency can unlock the full potential of renewable energy sources and extend their benefits

  • Energy efficiency and economic stimulus: How energy efficiency can boost jobs and economic growth around the world

  • Government vs market-stimulated energy efficiency: How the right policy signals can encourage the private sector to scale up energy efficiency

  • What technologies are currently being implemented to improve energy efficiency across industries.

Dorethe Nielsen Vice President of Corporate Environmental Strategy, Novo Nordisk
Duane Dickson Vice Chairman; US Oil, Gas & Chemicals Leader; Global Energy, Resources, & Industrials Consulting Leader, Deloitte
Edan Dionne VP at IBM
Lance Jordan Senior Vice President at Cubico Sustainable Investments