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Paolo BorellaPaolo Borella

Advisor at EnergySpin. CEO & Founder at Boro Oy

Paolo is Advisor for EnergySpin, an active Board Member and Angel Investor. He has screened +4000 startup and deployed +12MEuros in +400 cases, has co-written a few papers on innovation & ecosystem development (Tekes Vigo) and enjoys moderating panels at Startup events.

Paolo is Co-founder of Vertical, an Open Innovation company making businesses better by adding startups to the equation. At Vertical he has shaped the acceleration program offering, held the CEO role and now focuses on the board activities and managing the Investment portfolio. Paolo has been involved in business acceleration and startups for several years; as Director of AppCampus at the Aalto University-Microsoft-Nokia program with a 21M€ fund, as Advisor (TechMinsk, Energyspin), Mentor (Startup Bootcamp, Startup Sauna), and running a 7 million people, 10M USD/year online community as a Vice President at Fox Mobile Distribution in Germany.

Earlier Paolo spent 12 years at Nokia developing his Go To Market & Business Development Skills across the world, spending five years in Singapore, living in +1- countries and visiting +60 ones. Earlier in his career, he developed his Change Management and Process Improvement skills with General Electric in Italy and USA HQs.
Paolo has a degree in Management and Production engineering from University Politecnico di Milano, with a passion for helping create new business and develop existing ones.

Takes part in

Jan, 19 1:00 PM CET
Technology Stage

Setting a Global B2B Sales Network for Energy Tech

Knowing how to build an effective B2B sales network can help reduce unnecessary mistakes in devising a successful energy tech product. Marko Koski from EnergySpin co-hosts a workshop entitled: “Setting a global B2B sales network for energy tech” with EnergySpin’s guest Paollo Borella, a great speaker with over 20 years’ experience shaping acceleration and innovation programs.

Marko J Koski Operations and Partnerships at EnergySpin
Paolo Borella Advisor at EnergySpin. CEO & Founder at Boro Oy