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Setting a Global B2B Sales Network for Energy Tech

January 19, 2021 1:00 PM CET REGISTER

Marko J KoskiMarko J Koski

Operations and Partnerships at EnergySpin

Paolo BorellaPaolo Borella

Advisor at EnergySpin. CEO & Founder at Boro Oy

Knowing how to build an effective B2B sales network can help reduce unnecessary mistakes in devising a successful energy tech product. Marko Koski from EnergySpin co-hosts a workshop entitled: “Setting a global B2B sales network for energy tech” with EnergySpin’s guest Paollo Borella, a great speaker with over 20 years’ experience shaping acceleration and innovation programs.

As the title of this workshop suggests, this should be a very helpful and insightful event for startup teams, business owners and anyone who is thinking of setting up their own company in the future. Join us at Davos Energy Week Online.

Join the Energy Spin workshop at Davos Energy Week Online.