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Sabine BrinkSabine Brink

Blockchain CoE Lead, Shell


Sabine Brink is the Blockchain CoE lead at Shell. This team is tasked with navigating the waters of blockchain technology and to realize the potential of the applications across Shell and the energy sector. Prior to the lead role, Sabine was the Blockchain Technical lead looking after architecture and development of decentralized solutions and before that had the role of a blockchain analyst. Over the years, Sabine has led and advised the development of a range of blockchain proof of concept, pilots and worked with multiple external ecosystems. Sabine holds a Master’s Degree in Information and Network Economics from Maastricht University.

Takes part in

Jan, 19 8:00 AM CET
Main Stage
Panel Discussion

Blockchain Driving Decentralization, Digitalization, and Democratization of the Energy Sector

  • How blockchain technology can solve current energy efficiency challenges and facilitate a more flexible energy market.
  • What the key benefits are of leveraging blockchain technology in the energy efficiency sector: lower transaction cost, increased transparency, reliability, and security, and much more.
  • How blockchain technology can empower non-energy businesses to generate and sell energy.
  • How global businesses can unlock the potential of blockchain technology for efficient tracking of energy generation and usage.
Sabine Brink Blockchain CoE Lead, Shell
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