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Rodney JanssenRodney Janssen

President at EEIP

Rod Janssen, based in London and Paris, is an expert in sustainable energy policies and gives special focus to how to communicate sustainable energy issues to a wide variety of audiences. Rod is President and Chairman of the Board of the Brussels-based organisation Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes. For EEIP, he also chairs its work on financing and represents EEIP at the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group, organised by the European Commission and UNEP FI. Rod is also a board member of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee). In 2012, Rod created the web service, Energy in Demand, to reach wider audiences globally through the use the web and social media. It is now one of the most popular blogs on the energy transition in Europe.

Takes part in

Jan, 20 11:00 AM CET
Main Stage

Accelerating Investments in the Energy Transition in Heavy Industries in Europe

  • Why energy efficiency gets less attention from media and investors

  • How heavy industry leaders beef up their energy efficiency programs during uncertain times and a pandemic.

  • How energy efficiency contributes to achieving the climate goals

  • What kinds of partnerships and collaborations can help businesses and industries achieve their energy efficiency goals

Rodney Janssen President at EEIP