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Harald ÖverholmHarald Överholm

Сeo and Founder at Alight

Harald Overholm is the CEO and founder of Alight, the leading provider of solar Power Purchase Agreements in the Nordic region. Dr Overholm was previously a cleantech venture capitalist and an advisor on solar markets to the WWF and the Swedish Government. He earned his PhD from the University of Cambridge with a thesis on solar diffusion and PPA. He is a member of the International Energy Agency’s PVPS workgroup on solar business models, a former associate with leading global sustainability think tank Stockholm Environment Institute, and a former board member of the Swedish Solar Energy Association.

Takes part in

Jan, 21 12:30 PM CET
Main Stage

Subsidy-Free Solar in EU - the Rapid Market Expansion Going Forward

Many owners of the first wave of the European solar projects which started from 10 to 15 years ago are currently looking for ways to generate stable revenue streams from electricity markets. In his presentation our speaker will outline the key mechanisms of ensuring consistent earnings for projects after EU-backed subsidies provided in the form of feed-in tariff (FIT) agreements are over.
Harald Överholm Сeo and Founder at Alight