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Andrew LoganAndrew Logan

Senior Director, Oil and Gas, Ceres

Since joining Ceres in 2002, Andrew has worked with investors to engage the oil and gas sector on key sustainability issues including climate change, carbon asset risk, biodiversity and water.

Andrew has a background in corporate strategy from his work with Bain & Company, a leading management consultancy. While with Bain, Andrew developed high-level strategy for companies in the finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail and media sectors.

Takes part in

Jan, 20 4:00 PM CET
Main Stage

Shrink to Grow: How the Oil Industry Can Win Back Investors by Embracing Its Own Demise

The global oil industry is facing an uncertain future: after 125 year of nearly continuous growth, demand for oil looks set to peak in the coming decade as the world moves to address climate change. Rather than fight the inevitable, oil companies should lean into the transition, and opt either to wind down or to leverage their assets to transition into a new kind of energy company.

Andrew Logan Senior Director, Oil and Gas, Ceres