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Aldworth MbalatiAldworth Mbalati

Group CEO at DNG Energy

Aldworth Mbalati is a visionary and entrepreneur who specialises in building long-term, high-value capital projects with a unique ability to consolidate multiple projects into a collective high growth business. He is the Group Chief Executive Officer of DNG Energy, an integrated energy resources and infrastructure company he founded in 2013, with operations in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Mozambique. His achievements include developing gas power plants across various countries in Africa, participation in oil and gas production assets and developing a virtual LNG pipeline. Other accomplishments include obtaining rights and developing an LNG import terminal in Mozambique. Believing that gas is a transition fuel that will lead the world to a sustainable future, he has invested time and money developing partnerships, gas infrastructure, supply networks and logistics to bring cleaner, affordable energy to Africa. His bold pursuit of finding solutions to African problems saw him commission the design and construction of the largest LNG barge in the African continent, which is scheduled to go on line in 2021. His drive, innovative streak and perseverance have seen him take proactive steps to ensure readiness for proactively bringing LNG into South Africa to meet the need for energy security rather than wait for a call by government. His ultimate African hero, Kwame Nkrumah, wanted Africa to thrive and be its best – a goal Mbalati shares and pursues in everything he does.

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Jan, 20 5:30 PM CET
Technology Stage

DNG's LNG bunkering at Coega, Algoa Bay: A game changer for Africa's energy needs and decarbonising economies

DNG Energy is an integrated energy resources and infrastructure company founded by South African entrepreneur Aldworth Mbalati in 2013. The company specialises in the development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure and will be bringing LNG to South Africa in 2021, making a cleaner, affordable fuel alternative available to the market. We believe that providing widespread, affordable natural gas has the potential to fundamentally alter South Africa’s socio-economic outlook while also helping in achieving climate change goals.

Aldworth Mbalati Group CEO at DNG Energy