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Mike HayesMike Hayes

Global Head of Renewables at KPMG

Mike has been a Partner in KPMG Ireland for the past 20 years and is the Global Renewables Leader for KPMG. Mike has been involved in the renewable energy industry from the very early days and has been extensively involved in working with and advising some of the leading global renewables developers and also some of the key global investors in this sector.

In his global renewables role, Mike is responsible for mobilising the firm’s expertise to provide global solutions to clients across the renewable energy spectrum. His key area of focus is in the area of energy transformation and he is working with various multinational corporations and energy providers to help deliver solutions.

Mike is also passionately committed to the area of sustainable energy innovation and he is leading a KPMG team that is collaborating with the World Economic Forum on this agenda. In this regard, he has taken the lead in developing an innovative proposal to establish a Global Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund with the backing of public and private investors.

Mike has recently taken on responsibility for leading KPMG’s work on climate change and decarbonisation solutions for its global clients across all sectors . This work includes :

- Helping global clients to develop cutting edge decarbonisation solutions
- Developing new financing solutions to fund the transition to a zero carbon future