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Panel Discussion

New Energy Investment Rules for Achieving Sustainable Future

January 20, 2021 5:00 PM CET REGISTER

Investment is the lifeblood of the global energy system. Today, global investors tend to be concerned about their carbon footprints and global warming, so they take into account what long-term implications the investment decisions they make today have for reaching climate and other energy efficiency goals. Falling costs and technological innovation are making renewable energy on-trend for investors, at the same time helping them reach carbon and emissions reduction targets for their portfolios.

In this panel discussion, top financial experts will shed light on the current energy investment landscape and how it is evolving to meet decarbonization goals. They will offer answers to some key questions:

Rentia van Tonder Head Power and Infrastructure Client Coverage at Standard Bank SA
David Hayes Managing Partner at bp ventures
Amy West Managing Director, Global Head of Sustainable Finance and Corporate Transitions at TD Securities.
Reid Capalino SVP Business Development at LS Power